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Posted By on December 15, 2004

“Where The Hell Am I Going To Put My Computer?

.: I finished my last two finals today. They were easy, easier than anything we did in the class. I would have left immediately afterwards, but tragedy struck.

.: I was making some last minute additions to my iPod when suddenly and inexplicably, I clicked a button that started deleting ever file on the iPod. It was horrifying. There was no cancel button, so I did the next best thing: I yanked that sucker right out of the socket, cord and all. When I plugged it back in, I saw the damage that had been done:

Half of my 80’s playlist gone
Half of my Oingo Boingo gone
All of my Billy Joel gone
A quarter of my Classical gone

.: All in all, about 150 songs that I had to reload onto my iPod. Needless to say, it delayed my departure considerably.

.: Now that I am home, however, I’m wondering precisely what the second title of this post asks. Where indeed? My brother took my old desk for his first computer, then used the laptop tray for his second computer. My dad’s got a monopoly on the computer room, so I can’t put it there. I’m thinking, maybe I should go without a computer for a while?

.: Nah. Oh, and consider the AIM fast over. Losercmc is back online!

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One Response to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. pero says:

    I am surprised that the iPod’s menu makes it that easy to delete the entire inventory. I want an iPod myself (very much) but right now I have other expenses I should deal with before spending the money on a portable storage device. (At least this is what I keep telling myself, otherwise I’d probably have it already).

    If there are any songs that you had that you can’t seem to -re-retreieve I may know where you can get help.
    (erm… hm. ME? I would never do anything illegal).