Doctor Dad

| December 23, 2004

Or “Nurse? Scratch my back.” .: Last night my dad took me to the ER to watch him work. He’s an ER doctor and, as I learned throughout the night, a pretty good one at that. His shift was from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am; we left a little before seven. During that time, I […]

Old House

| December 19, 2004

Or “This House Will Always Be Ours” .: I saw The Incredibles for a fourth time tonight, this time with my Dad and his soon-to-be-wife. As I expected, it was still awesome, easily one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. .: After the show, my sister and I went to our house in the […]

Home Sweet Home

| December 15, 2004

Or “Where The Hell Am I Going To Put My Computer? .: I finished my last two finals today. They were easy, easier than anything we did in the class. I would have left immediately afterwards, but tragedy struck. .: I was making some last minute additions to my iPod when suddenly and inexplicably, I […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

| December 13, 2004

Or “They Should Try Focusing On The Facts Instead” .: Some people say that any statistic can be twisted to support any view. Indeed, some people are very good at this. But what of a view that is supported by statistics that don’t exist? And then, what of a view that is supported by non-existant […]

Unicorns and Evolution

| December 12, 2004

Or “Storytelling And Science: Two Completely Separate Topics In One Post!” .: I finished the changes I made to Unicorns. You can find them here. The major changes/additions are highlighted in yellow for easy viewing, in case you don’t want to read the entire thing again. If you haven’t, shame on you. Go read it. […]

Almost Done

| December 11, 2004

Or “Stupid Waste Of Time” .: I took my Calculus final today. Kind of odd: last year my most difficult class was Caculus; this year it was the easiest. The final was ducksoup, to say the least. .: Anyway, that means I’m down to two more finals, English and Econ, both of which are on […]

Christmas Gift List

| December 10, 2004

Or “Buying Love With Money That Isn’t Mine” .: I sold back some of my more useless and/or extra textbooks the other day (English, Calculus, Chemistry) which made me a very rich man. (Actually, if you think about it, it makes me a “less poor” man, since those books cost so damn much in the […]

Life Imitating Art

| December 10, 2004

Or “Life Imitating Crappy Teen-Oriented Entertainment” .: I had my second final today. It was for Microeconomics. I was supposed to have my English final today as well, but I had to change the date because it took place at the same time as the aforementioned Micro final. (Thanks to the miracle of make-up exams, […]

First Final

| December 9, 2004

Or “When In Doubt, ‘C’ It Out” .: I took my Chemistry final today. Minutes before, however, I learned several interesting facts that helped quell my worries. Fact #1) The final is all multiple choice from A to D—none of that “E, none of the above” crap. Fact #2) The final is departmental (my professor […]

Funny Commercial

| December 8, 2004

Or “Why Can’t All Advertisements Be Like This?” Right-click and select “save target as..” [Collected from the internet]